Your hardwood flooring require a durable finish that maintains the visual appeal and natural comfort of timber. Although polyurethane finishes remain popular, UV oiled finishes provide a variety of advantages that attract homeowners. If you’re searching for something upscale and distinct, think about the benefits of UV oil finish on hardwood floors of all types.

Gorgeous Look

Most homeowners invest in hardwood floors since they appreciate the look of real wood. That identifying natural grain, texture, and color set hardwood besides many other synthetic flooring substances by including a sense of real beauty to your living room. UV oil finishes capture the soul of timber and preserve that native beauty for many, many years. This allows you to more fully appreciate it.

Just like other types of oil, this finish brings out the natural wood color, as opposed to staining or tinting the plank. Most oiling processes consist of many coats, which tend to richen the wood without altering the natural color.

Smooth Surface

UV oil also generates a much more comfortable surface in your hardwood floors. High-gloss finishes that jacket the boards with polyurethane have a tendency to provide a cool surface, while oiled wood floors are soothing and warm to your bare toes.

Oil adheres to the floor during this finishing process, getting crystallized inside the wood fibers and leaving a clear topcoat on the boards. This movie is flexible and produces a soft matte finish that is water repellant and resistant to visitors wear and tear.

Durable and Forgiving
High-gloss finishes often show scratches easily on account of the quantity of light reflected, flooring manufacturers have adapted to semigloss or matte finishes in recent years. Using UV oil finished hardwood flooring you’ll be able to hide these small markings due to the matte finish reflecting low light. A soft matte finish helps markings and dents blend in the present grain, with no noticeable contrast from the topcoat.

This remarkable degree of strength and adaptability makes oiled floors the ideal selection for cottages and pond houses where dirt and sand are part of their appeal of the house. Suburban and urban houses can also gain from this durable floor finish, presenting a superbly smooth surface despite elevated levels of traffic and constant wear.

Experts advocate re-oiling your hardwood flooring every three to five years and moisturizing every 6 months. Fortunately, sanding isn’t required and many suitable homeowners may reapply oil fast and economically.

Just as with all types of hardwood flooring, oiled floors should be swept and vacuumed on a regular basis, and all of fluids should be promptly cleaned up to avoid warping and discoloration. Ask your floors retailer concerning the best cleaning products to utilize in your own new UV oil finished hardwood floors.

To get a pure look and comfortable surface, look at investing in oiled wood flooring. Distinctive and durable, this type of hardwood is offered in a vast range of species. Your family deserves a relaxing, cozy living area, and UV oil is the perfect hardwood floor finish to select.

Tumbled Wood Flooring

Engineered hardwood floors is a sought after and increasingly popular flooring alternative. Nevertheless, it is not an option which falls within everyone’s budget. Reclaimed wood floors has a look at it that reinforces that it has stood the test of time and also has a story to tell. It is for these legacy motives, in addition to the obvious ecological motives that reclaimed flooring is so desired. However, in the event that you can’t afford reclaimed flooring or can’t find what you’re looking for in the reclaimed marketplace what choice is left?

One real alternative to reclaimed wood flooring is distressed and tumbled hardwood flooring. Distressing methods are now so effective, that the majority of us struggle to tell the difference between a distressed floor along with also a reclaimed one. It is for this reason that distressed new wood flooring is a fantastic option if your budget will not stretch to reclaimed hardwood flooring.

The technique utilized to distress new hardwood flooring essentially entails damaging the floor to make it seem like it has suffered many years of wear and tear. As a procedure, distressing could be performed either by hand or by machine. Typically, chissels, knives, hammers and other sharp or damaging objects are utilized to produce the distressed effect that’s so sought after now.

Another option to hand painful is for flooring to be tumbled. A tumbled floor has a very similar looking end to a distressed flooring but the procedure is quite different. Tumbling occurs in giant drums where boards are put with harmful objects to distress the wood. The advantage of tumbling is that it’s less labor intensive compared to hand painful and in addition, it contributes to the advantages of the boards getting desperate as well as the surfaces that means that the floor carries on a more general distressed appearance.

When the planks or the floor surface was damaged and made to appear old, they are then coloured to undertake the expression of a genuine old floor. Distressing is a technique that’s used across the board in regards to clothing and interiors. Commonly seen in the jeans sector, distressed leather goods are now also proving very popular, because of the vintage look the procedure gives. In interior layout a distressed hardwood flooring will add appeal to both traditional and modern settings and can even be the perfect rescue package to save a badly damaged floor from needing to be substituted.


shutterstock_510917605Wimbeldon Area Hardwood Floor Restoration and Repair

Perhaps your Wimbeldon Area hardwood floors got coated with dirt after a boisterous family summer celebration. Or maybe the new home you just purchased needs quite a lot of repairs. Either way, here’s a thumbnail guide that will assist you care effectively for hardwood floors.

Step one: identify the nature of the sealant (if any). Dozens of chemicals, products, and treatments can be applied to timber, such as: urethane, polyurethane, penetrating seals, oil finishes, shellacs, varnishes, lacquers, and outside. The degree of treatment can also matter. Some floors are untreated or almost so, but others contain thick heavy treatments.

If you do not know if your hardwood floors are sealed, smear your finger on the ground. If there is no smudge, you can be pretty sure that it’s sealed using polyacrylic, polyurethane or urethane. If a smudge appears, the floor was likely lacquered, varnish, shellacked or even oil-finished.

Step two: pick suitable products for your type of hardwood. Particular products — such as exceptionally basic or alkaline cleansers, waxes, oils, and furniture sprays — may create residues or even etch the timber itself. You could inadvertently create problems and damage the floor.

Step three: set a cleanup procedure based on: the quantity of tear and wear your flooring get; the kind of protection that has been applied; how fast debris, allergens, and dust settles; and your own personal cleanliness standards.

Step four: match exactly the kind of cleaning to the sort of wood and finish used. For instance, if your floors are surface-filled with polyurethane or polyacrylic, use a damp mop to remove residue and dirt. However, if your floors are shellacked, lacquered or acrylic treated, damp mopping can actually hurt the wax!

Step five: contemplate getting your floors professionally cleaned (and potentially resurfaced or re-waxed) once or twice annually, based on traffic conditions at your house and other factors.

Get in touch with the team here at Floor Sanding Wimbledon Through our online contact form or by calling us at 020 3151 1790 today. We can help you handle your current cleaning needs and establish an superb care process.


97397cb5e72faa1faf568508e3dc4116If you’re thinking about installing new wooden flooring in a new build property, or are maybe renovating a home and wish to put back a few rustic charm into the evolution, you might believe that by adding a new wooden floor, the total feel will be modern due to the newly finished result.

Should you utilize Terra Antica flooring, you may acquire new wooden flooring with a lived-in feel right away. This sort of flooring has plenty of unique finishes and can really add a beautiful finish to any room in the house.

Terra Antica comes in 5 different planking systems:

• The 9mm solid plank — fitted to wooden underlay

• The 20mm solid plank — Could be set as a floating floor and has a tongue and grove border

• Multi-layer flooring — This has a 15mm multiplex beneath layer and a beautiful solid oak top layer

• Wide laminate This utilizes a 11mm hardwood construction with a 4mm top layer that’s ideal for sound reduction and may also be used with underfloor heating system.


amazing-oak-flooring-vs-maple-and-hickory-flooring-homeflooringpros-within-maple-hardwood-flooringIf you’re one of the many millions of householders who prefers decor to seem traditional rather than modern, 1 benefit that you’ll have the ability to enjoy with this really is longevity.

The awful thing about a few contemporary kinds of decoration is that things can begin to appear outdated in just a very brief time period, although you don’t need to be concerned about this too much when the traditional look is your look of selection.

If it comes to traditional floors, there are few better options than oak flooring. Oak flooring has adorned the flooring of many houses for decades now, although to this day it’s still certain to look stunning and trendy.

Due to the fact that it offers traditional design, when you invest in oak flooring, it can see you through numerous decoration changes.

With oak flooring, you may keep things conventional for many, many years, and it’s likely to prove one of the best property investments you’ve ever made.

Questions to ask before the installation of your hardwood floors.

shutterstock_703233907Welcome to the very first in a three part series about what would be the proper questions to ask before, during, and following the installation of your hardwood floors. These are questions which will reveal exactly what you need to be doing and saying so as to generate the installation process a lot simpler for all involved.

What’s expected of me install day?

The hardwood floor is just one of the last things to go into any major remodelling. There cannot be individuals drifting around the house and opening doors continuously changing the temperature of the area (which will affect the floors).

Remove all appliances and furniture in the area that has to be updated. Old rugs, vinyl, etc. should be eliminated and if necessary that the subfloor should be pinpointed where squeaks are present to avoid the issue later on.

Dust will be created. If you do not need any dust seeping its way into different areas of the home then plastic sheets are your friends. Strategically placed around the home you can avoid your mattress getting infected with dust that would take years to clean out. (Trust me I know I am still discovering dust from a flooring reno I did a few years back.)

What are the extra costs which may arise during setup?

To steer clear of extras ensure your subfloor is protected and squeak-less, make sure you have removed all furniture and if you do not want the contractor to charge for plastic sheeting to protect the rest of your home then please hang your own.

Do I need to acclimatize my flooring?

If your contractor is not handling this part themselves afterward acclimatizing the floor to your new residence reality is essential to proper setup.

Do I need to be worried about whether my installer has insurance?

YES. If anybody should get hurt at work or should they do harm to your home then you have protection against legal difficulties.

With or without carpet?

Beautifully finished hardwood floors can present your house a sophisticated, classic appearance, and are simpler to keep clean than carpets. In these instances, you greatly have to do some hardwood floor repair, in order to provide a fresh new appearance to your own classic wood flooring you can succeed in hardwood floor renovation with sanding!

You might believe that floor board replacement is really a job that’s reserved just for the professionals – It’s true! We believe it is always better to renovate or restore an existing wooden floor rather than replace it! Do not hide your damaged floor with a carpet, this is one of the things that our clients are doing and then after years they decide that it is time for sanding, but it the sooner the better! It is much more easy to find spills, pet hair, crumbs and debris on hardwood floors than carpet. Wood floors needs to be cleaned and vacuumed more often than carpet. Designers says that trend is toward hard surfaces in flooring, such as wood and tile.

There is an enormous variety of woods, and many more colours, to choose from than several years ago!

We generate any variety of wood floor and doing incredible work! You can trust to our skilled experts! Maybe you’re our next happy customer!